Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

NEW TECHNO TRENDS has emerged as a total solution provider in the area of  Wireless connectivity solutions Coimbatore. NEW TECHNO TRENDS has partnered with premium ISP's and OEM's with wide range for radio and linking solutions. With skilled designers and engineers we are able to provide the best solution that fit your organizations requirements.

Types of Wireless links

Point to Point


50 km link


Connect Up to 100 clients!

Backbone + AP

High speeds at distant sites!


DOUBLE the Speed!



High-speed wireless systems are used to provide internet access to end-users using point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture. Wireless data links take place where there is no infrastructure for internet access or in places where bandwidth offered by current channels is too low. With our wireless equipment you can get high bandwidth on a very long distance at very reasonable price. Our equipment provides various features including firewall Coimbatore, NAT, VPN, Bandwidth Management, QoS and many more.

Why choose New Techno Trends?

  • Cost effective solution
  • High-speed wireless data links (Up to 108Mbps)
  • Connection distance up to 70 km without repeater sites.
  • IP - NAT, Routing, DHCP
  • Security - Firewall, Secure Tunnels
  • Control - Queues, Proxy, HotSpot
  • Fast and simple installation for base station and clients
  • Reliable and instant 24 hour internet access

Basic requirements to create a wireless links are:

  • Direct Line of sight between both points of presence
  • Distance between points of presence is:
    • up to 25 km for point-to-multipoint links
    • up to 70 km for point-to-point links
  • Use of 2.4 or 5.2-5.8 GHz solutions according to the local regulations. In some countries obtaining a special license might be required.

Our wireless systems come with RouterOS software preinstalled. RouterOS will enable you to use many features such as: firewall, NAT, bandwidth management, different kinds of tunnels, HotSpot and others. We are provide a many features of  Router OS software Coimbatore.


  • Point-to-point links : Main office can see another building with no obstructions (direct line of sight).

Point-to-point links are an excellent way how to make connections between two sites and achieve high data transfer speeds. This is an ideal way how to connect two offices. Also these types of wireless links are very useful if you need to create backbone link from some distant radio access point to your main Internet source. For creating such connections we recommend to use our 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless client kits.



  • Point-to-multipoint setup: One office, usually the main office hosting all the services such as Phones, Internet Access, and Security Systems etc can see other offices with no obstructions (direct line of sight to each).

Point-to-multipoint connections are the most usual way how wireless ISPs connect their customers. They put access point somewhere high in the tower above the city or on some high building and then point their client antennas to this access point.


Backbone link + AP

This is a point to multi-point link with additional wireless cards and antenna for a backbone connection. Such links are useful when creating a WISP infrastructure, for example you have main Internet source with 5 GHz base station and lots of 2.4 GHz clients in various sides of the city. Such kits can be but in localized parts of the city and contain 2.4 GHz omnidirectional antenna and 5 GHz directional antenna to main base station.

Nstreme and Nstreme2

These are Corenet proprietary wireless protocols to achieve outstanding performance on a very long range links. Regular wireless links will have large time delays for data traveling on a long distances, with nstreme you do not have to worry about this anymore.

Nstreme 2 goes even further by using two wireless cards in each end - one for transmit and one for receive.

Our customers have links of 60 km and speed of 35 Mbps without turbo mode.

To make this setup, you can use:

  • Two PCs with Celeron 700 or higher
  • Four Atheros PCI wireless cards with pigtails
  • Four antennas
  • Two IDE flash disks with latest version of RouterOS software.



WDS (Wireless Distribution System) is the best way how to interconnect many access points and allow users to move around without getting disconnected from network. Using this system you can cover large areas and allow users to move for large distances while still being on-line. This system allows packets to pass from one wireless AP (Access Point) to another, just as if the APs were ports on a wired Ethernet switch. APs must use the same standard (802.11a, 802.11b or 802.11g) and work on the same frequencies in order to connect to each other.

Our private networks are generally used to carry data that is private to the business. They are not open for the public to connect.

Applications used in Wireless Solutions are:


  • File sharing and print sharing
  • Voice in the form of VoIP. Key benefits are discussed in our VoIP section. A remote building requiring a telephone probably has its own line, hence no monthly rentals charge. A wireless bridge with our VoIP solution would eliminate this cost and allow the phone to behave as a normal extension to the main office.
  • Remote video surveillance linked back to a central recorder
  • E-Mail and Internet shared through the central gateway avoiding additional ADSL and line rental charges.
  • Pass Control Systems ie security passes to enter and exit doors using swipe cards for example.


We use the word ‘solution’ as we are not in the business of just selling equipment. There are many factors to consider when wirelessly connecting buildings. Often, a mix of technologies can provide a better, more cost effective and stable solution.


We will always offer a FREE site survey to gain an understanding of your needs and assess the environment where equipment will be installed.


The first step of any successful wireless network project is a site survey. After the survey is complete we can determine the amount, type and location of wireless hardware for your installation.

802.11 Wireless Network Site Survey

A site survey should be completed before your wireless network is installed but can be done anytime. Businesses that install wireless networks without a survey often overspend on equipment and have performance issues that are costly to fix. Our Wireless Survey specialists provide you with the best assessment of your wireless networking options available. Our highly regarded expertise in wireless networking technology allows us to perform surveys and deploy wife networks under the most adverse conditions, succeeding where others fail.

 A Blueprint for wireless network installations

  • Access Point locations
  • Wi-Fi Switch deployment
  • Coverage Areas
  • Channelization
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Frequency Allocation
  • Secure network design

We custom design every wireless network to control coverage areas to contain radio signal within your premises, helping to prevent unwanted, "drive-by" access to your network. We also recommend appropriate wireless security solutions for your needs that go beyond the limitations of WEP.

Cost-effective solutions

  • We get it right the first time,
  • We identify most efficient network topology to minimize number of Access Points needed
  • We deliver efficient installations by eliminating guesswork
  • We perform Wireless Site Surveys for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11b), 5GHz (802.11a), and emerging standards - for a wide range of products from Cisco, Engenius, Ubi Networks & Mikrotik Routers

What we provide:
We provide a detailed report including a floor plan or map of your location with wireless coverage areas coimbatore, access point location, channel selection, throughput results and background noise.

Using our report you can determine:

  • How many access points your location requires and where they should be placed.
  • How to increase security by limiting RF leakage into unwanted areas.
  • What type of wireless standard to use?
  • How many users you can support and at what range.
  • How much network bandwidth you can expect.
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